Binary Options trade is a particular way of trading. Financially defined as: the operation that has only two outcomes: whether you get all the profit or you lose the investment. This type of trading has grown up with the technologies development and the appearance of online trading. The easiness of trading processes and the availability of the information needed to carry out trades have made the Binary options one of the most profitable and most attractive business. But the trade operations demands assistance and managers to provide you with advices and to offer you the most up to date assets in the market to trade in. Investing in binary options is opting to Managed Funds investment. The binary options managers are qualified by Brokers, and the number of broker is continuously growing. When you want to trade, you should choose the suitable broker to trade with. Reviews and reviews of brokers are written and published online to help traders to choose among the list the well referenced broker. Among these Fund Managers, Trade rush is one European binary options operator. Traderush review aims to discover some good features that would encourage users to subscribe for trading within its boundaries and according to its rules. This Traderush review will try to discover the principles of Binary options within the eventual platforms proposed by the company to excel the competitors and to guarantee the best Binary options trading experience for the users who seek the easy huge profit from online businesses in all the possible legal ways.

What is trade rush?

Traderush review shows that the company is a European broker: a Binary Options trade operator. Financially, Binary options trade is a simple and easy way to make profits by guessing the way assets will evolve with time; it has only two outcomes whether you guess right about the evolution of the asset and you with or you will lose by missing. It has an online form where you need to fill in for subscription with this broker. It operates worldwide and it offers lots of payment methods to make easy the deposit processing and the reception of withdrawals. By default, the website language is set to the language of the localities you connect from if it is supported; otherwise it will be English, but some others languages are supported as French, Russian, German and Arabic. You have to fill in the form with your personal information: Names Email address, Phone number. You may choose the currency in which you want to deposit money and receive withdrawals. The subscription requires a password creation for future log ins. Traderush reviews indicate an easy process of subscription and a real support for several currencies. The overall reputation of the platform is acceptable. Traderush review reveals that the company is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). It gives the company a solid legal state that would make you invest your money with this broker with no worries. This regulator organism has its reputation and do not allow the scam and fraudulous behavior.

The privacy policy:

Trade rush review shows a straight and tight Privacy Policy applied by the company. It is extremely committed to the preservation of the confidentiality of the subscribers’ information it collects through the subscription form online. The use of these data is only in purposes to ensure a good trading experience for the users and no data will be divulged to third parties, unless they are involved in the trading process, and in a way that it would not offense the users privacy. The company aims to make the trading experience within its platform as enjoyable as possible and extremely safe. Trade rush review shows the transparency of the company regarding its policies and its working rules. it has no constraint to display its physical address and all the working phone numbers it disposes. Yu can call these numbers whenever you want and you can ask for support and others questions related to trading Binary Options or related to your account.

How to trade with the Trade rush?

You need to create an account with the company to trade with it and to have access to the several platforms it offers. Trade rush review reveals a single account type. Of course there is a Demo account. The demo account sufficiently loaded with video and tutorials to guide the users through their first trading operations.  The account creation requires that you enter you personal data: Names, Current Location, Phone number, Email address and currency you with trade with. you cannot change the currency of your account once it is set, then you are asked to choose wisely. By default, is checked a mention that states you want to receive your free eBook, which would help you to learn about trading Binary options and trading with Traderush platform. You create the account and you define password.. You must be over 18 to be eligible to trade with trade rush and have access to Traderush Binary options and their benefits. When you create your account, the first step, you have to invest money as second step. Then you would be eligible to trade. To trade within the trade rush platform, you will have to choose an asset to trade in, then invest you money and guess the next value of the asset’s price at the expiry time of the trade. The principle of the Binary options is so simple: You should tell if the asset’s price will go up and be over its current value, or will go down and will be under its value t the moment you guessed. Hit button “Call” if you predict an increase of value and “Put” if you predict a decrease of value. If you guessed right, your trade will be “in the money” and you will receive the benefits of the trade. if you guessed wrong you will lose the investment and do not receive nothing. Traderush review allows to discover the several platform of trade offered by the company. The Traderush Binary Options are classed in:

Binary Options Platform: This platform allows you to guess the asset’s price value at the expiry time of the trade. You have to know the current price of the asset, the minimum amount to invest, the expiry time and the benefits and the risk amount of the trade; all these information are provided in one place within the trade platform. You can get all the information you need plus the tendencies of the investors choice as well to help you make your decision. Besides the profit rate, you are able to see the amount of the payout you will receive if you guess right and the amount of payout you will receive if you guessed wrong. If you guessed right, the payout is “your investment plus the predetermined profit rate”, if you guessed wrong, you will receive only the amount calculated up on your initial investment.

60 Seconds Platform: This trading platform is innovative. You can start a trade and set the expiry time at one minute. The 60 second is the easiest trade options to make profit. With this platform, traders can make profits up to 81% of the initial investment. It is qualified the excellent example of trading by the PIP: Percentage in Point. it is very accurate and very handy trading platform. However, the risks are very high. Traderush Binary options advice concerning this trade platform is to make the prediction with extreme attention; the vigorous monitoring of the PIP values and the tendencies are some key factor of success. It is recommended to not rely a lot on this trade’s platform and that it is better to ask for help and guideless from experts.

One touch Platform: This platform allows users to confirm the prediction offered by the Traderush binary options analysts. The price of the assets is predicted by the analysts for you; you can accept the prediction by confirming or refuse it by rejecting. With this Traderush Binary option, you can make profits up to 500% your initial investment. The trade option is monitored five days a week with the expiry time at the 17:00 according to the REUTERS sample rate. The expiry date is set at 20:00 on Friday. This is a fixed time even if the trade closes before. This a long term trade option and can be traded in even if the markets are closed.

Rollover Platform: With the Rollover platform, you can counter the losses you may face while trading. You can avoid losing you investment and avoid being out of the money by extending the delays for the expiry time: By just a click, you skip the current expiry time which may mean “loss”, and go to the next expiry time. To activate the Roll over options platform, you have to grow your investment by 30% of the initial investment, and you are eligible to 30% more of profits. You need to make the decision 10 minutes before the expiry time of the trade. It means that if you analyze the tendencies and you guess that the trade is going to be different to your guesses, you can turn the eventual loss in an more important eventual profit.

Double up Platform: It allows you to create another trade with copied conditions of a trade that closes to expiry and it is likely to close in the money. That allows you to double the possible profits you may make with the initial trade. Therefore, you have to invest the same amount you did in the first trade, and you will be eligible to all the features you considered when trading this same first one.

Option Builder: Traderush reviews indicate that trade rush offers this option to let the traders decide their expiry time. This is a customizable option to trade within; it can be assimilated to a genuine combination of the 60 seconds option and the roll over option. With the option builder, you can also choose the profit rate.

Account type: Trade rush offers a single account type. This single account gives you access to all the features you may find listed on the website of the company. No fees are to pay when creating account with trade rush binary options. There is no need to enter the Credit card or debit card references when subscribing. The subscription is so easy and you are not immediately asked to make any deposit until you begin trading. Several currencies are available and you can make your future deposits and receive your payouts in any currency of them. The minimum deposit to do when trading first time is $200. The payout can be up to 81% of the initial amount you trade with.

Customer Support:

The trade rush support team is responsive all over the working days. The support is provided online by Emails and Live chat. At first signing up, you can receive the free eBook that would help you to initiate your trading experience. You can have an Demo account to start with and avoid the risks of trading blind.

Trade rush Deposits and Withdrawals:

When trading your first option, you have to make the deposit of minimum amount of $200. The deposit operation is handled by major credit cards and debit cards you may dispose of. In fact you can deposit money in several currencies: USD, Euro, Yen, British pound. The withdrawal process is fast. Withdrawals requests are processed for approval within two business days. Once approved, it would take at most 7 business days more to withdraw the payout to your account. Payouts can be made by wire transfer, electronic bookers or by credit cards. By appliance to the AML (Anti Money Laundering) laws, if you deposit money via credit card, the withdrawals are made only by credit card and only to the credit card you used for deposit. The first withdrawal of the month is carried out free of charge; no fees are required. The extra withdrawals are charged $30. Withdrawal to Credit Card are always free, but with the restriction that you are allowed to withdraw only to the Credit you used to make the deposit and, you can’t withdraw more than the deposited amount, any extra sum above the deposited amount is withdrawn via wire transfer.


Traderush review shows that the best features offered by the company are the mobile applications. Users and traders may trade from anywhere at any time. The interface of the mobile based site offers the same easiness. The trade operations are done in real time as if you were on the web based interface. Whether you use a regular mobile phone or an Android, the trading experience is still enjoyable. No additional fees are charged if you download and install the mobile trading application.

Traderush reviews state that the Pro trader tool comes with innovative charts of Traderush Binary options trading. Similar to the Option builder, the pro trader tool allows a vigorous overview of the trading charts along the trading processes. the changes and updates that may occur are therefore well handled while considered at time.

The website’s interface is provided by the SpotOption platform.

Complaints about the company:

The most complaints are about not received payments. none can prove of the credibility of this brokers regarding  withdrawal of payouts. in the same position, there are no real complaint about the company and it have never been reported as scam. Regarding the questions “is Traderush legit?”, the answer would be yes until there are updates. you can trade with this broker and do not worry about the money you are making with them. they are offering the safest protocols to handle your transactions and trading operations. Some reviews claim that the users who have experienced bad experiences while trading using Traderush binary options have declared being victims of scams. Is Traderush legit? Yes. Is it a scam? Definitely No. But the often cited declaration of being tricked by Traderush, and the name of the company often coupled to the word scam (Traderush scam) made the folks think of a category of scams related to the Binary options trading system. The reality is that the designation is reputed with no real proof of the so called scam.


Traderush reviews allow extracting the following good points about the company:

  • The company proposes efficient trading platforms to trade within. The Traderush binary options are like add on for the multiple platforms of binary trade allowed by a single account type.
  • The support services are good and they are responsive all the business days. They have more than two international phone numbers to get in touch with the support team.
  • Traderush binary options have a high profit rate added to a high welcome bonus that you may receive for the first time you trade.
  • Mobile trading application available that offers you the possibility to trade from anywhere and to stay connected to your trading account. Updates about the Traderush binary options trade are issued every regular period of time.
  • Withdrawal requests are processed in a very efficient time. they are lead to term fast and you can receive your answers in brief delays.
  • The trading amount is as low as $5 per trade. The assets list is very rich and you have access them just by the very simple trading platform.
  • When you lose trades, Traderush offers you a 10% in return as risk management.
  • The platform is extremely secured and it ensures the total safety of transactions.


  • The online platform may have some problems while the users are trading. this may have its origins in a bad script codes.
  • They do not provide payment proof. but never the company was reported as scam.
  • Even though the company supports the USD currency, it no longer allows the American traders to sign up for account. It is against the CySEC principles and therefore the US resident can not apply for trading account with this broker.


Traderush review intends to answer some questions about the company as broker operating in the Binary Options trade system. The company is referred to as one pioneer in the field among the European brokers. Its platform is trusty and it ensures extreme security to the users and their money transactions. The Privacy policy is straight. The use of the website services is under the AML laws. Traderush review has revealed a very responsive support team and some reliable help tutorials to initiate the users to trading with the platform. Even if the company proposes one single account type, the demo account is the account “zero” for discovering the basics of trading with this company. The very diversified binary options trade platforms offered by this broker come to add a plus to the reputation already gained through the very rich list of assets that the users may trade in. The low minimum deposit required is the mobile applications are very useful tools because they allow the traders to receive useful updates about the market, the available assets and the market tendencies. The mobile applications allow users to trade using the Traderush platforms as if they were online. Along the career of Traderush, no serious complaint were recorded, also no complaint regarding the withdrawals processing was reported. The broker is standing firm in its pioneer position as one of the remarkable broker. The company provides the confident answer to the pertinent question “is Traderush legit?” it is regulated by a trusted organism, the CySEC which regulates with confident the several real brokers.

There is no proof of the legality of this broker: The terms “Traderush scam” has been used often with no real evidence of this fact: it is about some complaints launched by some users who had the bad fortune of losing some invested money while trading on the Traderush platforms; they did say that the broker is nothing but a website where you deposit your money for promised huge profit and you don’t get it.