In the marketplace of the Binary Options trade, there are lots of operators where you can access these trading options on their websites. Binary Options trading are defined as the trade operations that have only two outcomes: whether you win and keep the initial investment and gain the profits, or you lose your operation and lose everything including the initial investment. Trading Binary options has expanded over the world using the Web to reach more customers and more market. The Online operators providing platforms and particular plans for trading binary options are called Brokers. These brokers try to make trading Binary options as easy as possible and the most profitable within their platforms to attract more customers and conquer more market. When you think about trading the binary options way, you need to consider the perfect broker that fits your situation and your expectations, you may need to explore the web in search in whatever can help you decide about the broker to pick; likely you will need to read reviews and comments about every broker you may choose. Among these brokers, 10Trade tries to expand its users list with proposing unique features to excel the competitor brokers already installed or those just started to operate in this particular field of investment. This 10Trade review intends to gather most up to date 10trade reviews that you may find in your search for relevant information about this particular operator; you may come across lots of reviews and users opinions about this broker, to help you save time of search and not be surfing old reviews that may induce you missing new opportunities and innovative features developed by this broker to avoid late mistakes. Exploring the most 10Trade review is also a big opportunity to discover the company advantages to profit from and the disadvantages to be aware of, try to manage and minimize their impact on your trading experience within the platforms of this Broker.

This review will try to answer some questions you may ask about the considered broker, like “is 10Trade legit?”, “Is there something called 10Trade scam?”

10Trade Summary:

10trade review presents the company website as simple design web pages with very attractive layout. The use of media to promote the website and convince the customer to subscribe in the website trader list is somehow successful. The company is regulated by the CySEC organism charts, therefore it is allowed to operate over the European country, and may not accept subscribers from the United States, since it obeys to the CySEC principles. The company offers many way to make deposits and withdraw money, it supports Credit/Debit cards, some E-wallet and wire transfer. 10Trade review shows an innovative company that offers more than 150 assets to trade in and many featured platforms to make the trading experience a joy. 10Trade reviews show a very confident transparency regarding the company privacy policy. The company is committed to protect your personal information, names and coordinates, as well as your financial information you might provide when signing in for an account or requesting withdrawals. The company is also committed to protect your trading activity related info and hold all the right to use them only for purposes within the website platform and only after you consent. No data will be disclosed to any other third party unless it is involved in the trading process or any other activity related to your account management. All your transactions are monitored by the most secure and up-to-date applications and protocols to ensure your safety and your satisfaction with the services. The AML laws are applied in order to protect you from frauds and scams.

10Trade review reveals a simple website interface but very attractive. When you surf the website, you will find a subscription form that you may fill in with some requested data: Names, email and phone number. You can find two active trading operation that you may enter and trade in. The default assets are about currency within the Binary Option platform. The displayed data are relative to the asset nature, trade expiry time, the minimum investment to deploy, the profit rate which include the potential payout and if there is a protected amount that you may receive if you lose the trade.

10Trade review indicates that the website supports more than 7 languages including English, Arabic, Deutsch, Dutch, French, Russian and Italian. You can reach the support staff by phone: the company is extremely transparent regarding this option and it displays its phone numbers in many countries and many language supported inquiries are therefore possible. Live chat is also supported and you can get in touch with an assistant to answer your questions and provide you with the help you may need concerning the website use and the several features to profit. Also to try solving eventual issues with any service provided on the website as the company online interface. The company supports three currencies for deposit and trade operations. The company does not allow traders from United States, Israel, Canada, Turkey, South Africa, New Zealand, Japan and Australia. 10Trade Binary Options platforms are therefore available only in seven languages and trading is only made using three currencies: The currencies restrictions and the Nationalities limitations are somehow compensated by an extent of language supported users, like the Arabic language which is used in all the Arabic country actually not banned from registering for an account with 10Trade Binary Options. Except Canada, francophone Country are eligible to subscribe.

10Trade Binary Options: innovative options

Basically, trading Binary options is to guess the evolution of one asset’s value by a determined period of time called expiry time. The trader has to choose the asset he want to trade in, then predict the next state of the asset’s value. To do so, he needs to say if the asset’s value will go up, then the button to hit is the “Call” Button. Otherwise, to say that the asset’s value will go down, then he hits the “Put” button. To confirm the choice he must make the deposit of the minimum investment required for this particular trade and then apply. The trade will be in the money if by the expiry time, the evolution of the asset’s value fits your predictions, then you will win the investment and the profits determined by the profit rate displayed between the two choice buttons, and calculated up on the initial investment you made on this trade. If you guessed wrong, that means the asset’s value has different state from you prediction then your trade is qualified “out of the money” and you lose the investment you did on this trade.

10Trade reviews indicate that the company proposes 6 primary platforms to trade in and they are Binary option, Sixty Seconds, Pairs, Ladder, one touch and Long term. Every platform has its features. Some other derivative from other and some other is combinations.

10Trade reviews say that the company offers a single account type that gives you access to all the features listed. All subscribers are treated the same way and they all benefit the same bonuses. There is no Demo account, the company has implemented a free video tour of the company platforms but the content will be soon loaded.

-10Trade Binary Options platform: This platform is the classical Call Put option, the platform contains various assets to trade in and the minimum investment is at $10. There is no protected amount or risk management option that allows you to recover a certain percentage of your investment if in any case your trade ends out of the money.

-10Trade Ladder platform: This platform allows traders to increase their profits by adding investment while the asset’s value is evolving according to their predictions after the primary expiry time. Example, if the traders have predicted that the asset’s value will go down by the expiry time and he guessed right, the trade ends in the money. But the asset’s value continue it evolution to go down again, the trader’s prediction still verified after the expiry time, he can make another trade on this basis and increase the investment and increase the profits. The profits you can make trading within the ladder platform can be up to 600% the initial investment. The ladder platform has expiry times starting from 30 minutes and can go to 12 hours.

-10Trade Sixty seconds platform: The sixty seconds platform allows users to make their predictions for trades and set the expiry time to 60 seconds from the confirmation action. The platform offers low risk trades because the evolution time is short. This particular platform imposes a minimum deposit of $5 and has a top investment that can go to $500.

-10Trade One touch platform: This platform have a high rate profit which can be of 500% of the initial investment. The trades have to predict the asset’s evolution during the next week of the trade starting. The traders have the chance to make huge profits because it suffices that the asset’s value hits the predicted value at least once during the trade time to be qualified in the money.

-10Trade Long term platform: This platform requires a minimum investment of $10. the particularity of this trade platform is the expiry time: it can be from two (2) days to seven (7) days. You can trade this platform to manage trades that are influenced by some events.

10Trade Pairs platform: Trading within this platform consists in predicting the compared evolutions of assets pairs: it is to predict which one will evolve better than the other one. No asset’s value involved but asset’s behavior is the key.

10Trade Binary Options features:

10Trade reviews show that the company offers only one single account to subscribers, this induces that subscription process is the same for all the traders, there is no fees on subscription but you need to make a minimum deposit of $200 to make your first trade operation within any platform you want from the available platforms, With one single account, the deposit processes, support and all the features are the same and provided in an equal way. 10Trade reviews state that the young age of the company within the Binary options trading imposes to it to come up with innovative strategy to conquer the market and gain the trust of the users. Therefore, they afford their subscriber with the most responsive support team that will answer any request and any question. They are prompt to help solve any issue no matter the category is ; they provide you with the finest advices to accomplish your subscription, your trades and help you achieve successful trade sessions and enjoy your binary options trading within their platforms.

Using 10trade binary options is very easy and can be very profitable. The restriction of the account types and the non support of some currencies and some nationalities is due to the fact that the company aims to obtain the very trusted ultimate certifications to add a confident touch to their work and consolidate their position.

Creating an account with 10Trade requires you to fill in the form with your personal data: names, Location, phone number. You will be also asked to create a password for future connection. The currency you wish to use can only be set once and cannot be modified once the account is approved. You can use a variety of payment method: Credit/Debit card, E-wallet and wire transfer. The creation like as described is free, but you have to make a minimum deposit of $200 to start trading. The minimum investment you can make is $10, therefore you can trade 20 times with your first deposit. After 30 operation, you will be asked if you wish to receive any bonuses you earned. The bonuses can be used to trade in any platform without restrictions.

10Trade Withdrawals requests are processed after you fill in the withdrawal request form. You may be asked to confirm your identity before you are eligible to withdraw. the ID confirmation is done when you send your government issued ID piece with Utility bill relevant to your address. Due to the AML policies, the withdrawals can only be processed to the source you made the deposit from, which means if you make deposit through Credit/Debit card, withdrawals are only done to this particular Credit/Debit card. If you make the deposit through wire transfer, you can only receive the money through wire transfer. The delays of processing and funding withdrawals to your account are very impressive. 10Trade excels all the others brokers: it would take five (5) days to receive the funds in your account wallet. The overall processing period is very efficient. You are just asked to verify your account details before making the withdrawal request in order to avoid additional delays.

10Trade reviews cherish the security level with which all the operations and processes are handled, the company uses the most up to date security protocols to ensure your privacy while registering for an account
10Trade Binary options as regulated by the CySEC, and as the company aims to obtain other certifications, they have set up a very responsive team to solve the eventual complaints about any service they provide. The fact of being regulated by a very reputed organism is a very proof of their legitimate action. 10Trade reviews indicate that there is no serious complaint recorded against this young company. It is important to explain how regulation is a profitable for both the complaint depositor and the company against which the complaint is deposited: The complainer reports what he is not satisfied with to the regulator organism, the this organism reports this complaint to the company it regulates; there is no way that the company ignores tat complaint because it is followed up by the regulator. The company is obliged to investigate the issue and try its best to solve it before it induces a loss of credibility.

Therefore, is 10Trade legit? The answer is obviously No: with the tight control and monitoring imposed by the regulation organism, 10Trade Binary Options are properly run and are safe to use. Also, there is nothing such 10Trade scam, the regulation is so tight and the complaints are directly solved by the intervention of the regulator to solicit and impose the resolution. 10Trade complaints are therefore very elementary and do not alter the core of the business.

Bonuses are time limit offers. 10Trade reviews show that the company gives the users the possibility to not accept the bonuses. They are directly funded to the account of the beneficiary and he is free to re-use them to trade, and this in any 10trade Binary Options he wants to. Bonuses are only available after 30trades the users places on any platform of the site.

10Trade binary Options are also available on Mobile phones and devices. With no software to download, you can access your account with only connecting your device, going online and surf to the 10Trade interface then log in your account and start enjoying your 10Trade trading experience.

Good Points:

10Trade have many advantages to offers to its subscribers to try to keep up with the competitors:

-The minimum deposit is $200 and you can make 20 trades only with this first deposit, while others broker can barely get to 10 trades per minimum deposit.

-Bonuses are available for trading and you can use them to trade in any platform you want without restrictions.

-Complaints are reported to the regulator which is very useful to preserve the credibility and ensure the issues resolution by the broker.

-Support team is very responsive and prompt to provide you with the finest help, guidelines and assistance to better your 10Trade trading experience.

-Withdrawal process is very efficient in terms of time. it takes only five (5) days to the fund to show in your account wallet after the request is made. You need to provide exact account details to avoid any extra delays of verification.

-10Trade is regulated by the CySEC, the most reputed regulation organism in Europe This regulation and certification is the proof of the legal character of the company and that is not a scam.

-The company uses the most sophisticated and most up to date security protocols to protect the users privacy and protect their transactions within the platforms. The company is very tight on the privacy of the subscriber and no data related to their financial activity is disclosed only by their very consent and only to involved parties in the trading process.

Bad Points

-10Trade trading is only available under one single account, which may restrict some traders from enjoying the features of the 10Trade trading experience and profits.

-The company does not offer a Demo account to compensate the lack of account types. The experience is only apprehensible under commitment; to learn about the 10Trade experience you must make trades and invest money.

10Trade review confirms that the company has grown a good reputation although it is very young and new in the marketplace of Binary Options trading. It has developed a strategy to excel the competitors: 10Trade withdrawal process service is the fastest ever than other broker can provide. The 10Trade complaints handling is very efficient since they do deal indirectly with the customers: The 10Trade complaints are reported to the regulator which will have the charge of informing the company and follow up the resolution process. The company should treat seriously the complaint to avoid any certificate withdrawal. The lack of account types and of Demo account is compensated at the best level by a very responsive support team that provides the finest giddiness to users and come in help with strategies suggestions and advices. 10 Trade review confirms the legal statue of the company, first by the regulator reputation then by the effective resolution they provide to any reported issue. 10Trade reviews do not record any serious complaints against the company related to the withdrawal process or any security issue or any privacy issue. 10Trading review reveals a safe, secure and very profitable trading experience.