Magnum Options review

The investment opportunity that offers the World Wide Web is numerous and each one is particular. The several investment fields and principles are various and they offer a complete field for making money online. This variability has provoked a certain confusion about what category of investment to carry out and which investment manager to entrust. The Managed Funds investment and the investment that you can achieve only when you subscribe within dedicated platform for accessibility and better results are in constant increase and the number of operators is increasing dramatically. The Binary Options trade, as investment field, is the most popular and the easiest way to make money online. With just a “Click”, you can make huge profits. The operators in this field of investment, also called Broker, are acting as fund manager: You have to subscribe with one of them for an account, then this account should give you access to many features, eventually proposed and promoted by the broker to attract more users. In this tough competition between competitors, when you want to invest your money within the Binary Options trade, you need to choose the best and the most profitable broker. Many reviews of brokers are published: You need to go through them to confirm your choice and make up your mind.

Among the numerous online brokers, Magnum Options has forged his name within the well ranked one. A quick Magnum Options review shows a professional look of the website that would reflect the high level of the content and the confidence of the holder. It is owned by the Redtulips Consultant Ltd, based in United Kingdom. The Magnum Options brokers is a web based company that operates in the Binary Options trading system. When you surf the web, you will find more than one Magnum Options review. The present text intends to be a summary of the most relevant reviews presented to you to save you time of searching, avoiding you to get confused and bring to you the answers for your eventual questions in one place.

Binary Options Trading Principles:

Binary Options trade is a simple but very profitable trading field. Financially, it is defined as the trade operation which has only two (2) possible outcomes: Whether you win all the money invested added to all the profit, or you lose all the money. Trade operation is the fact of investing money on an available asset; you chose the asset you want to invest in, or to trade in, then you have to predict something: while the asset has a certain value, an index ratio or a price, you should predict if the asset value will go up or will go down. Since it is within a marketplace, this value has the particular behavior of going up and falling down several times. Therefore, there is a time limit to predict up on it, and that is called expiry time. So, you need to predict the state of the asset’s value at the expiry time. If you guess right, you will be « In the money » and you win the predetermined profit rate, or you guess wrong and then you will be « out of the money » and you don’t get nothing. You make the choice by hitting a « Call » button to say « go up », and the button « Put » to say « go down ». The profit rate is usually displayed between those two buttons. You can always monitor the rate evolution, the asset value behavior and the minimum amount you can invest for each trade.

Magnum Options, What is it?

Magnum Options review shows that the Magnum website is hold by the Redtulips Consultant Ltd, company based in the United Kingdom. Magnum Options is what we call Broker: Online Binary Options trade operator. They offer their services through the website for people who want to trade Binary options and make money with this easy and simple type of trades. The website has an attractive Home page with a subscription form where you are asked to enter some information related to you. Magnum Options reviews reveals a straight and tight privacy policy regarding the information you enter in the form fields. The company confirm the use of the data collected through the subscription form, or collected during your trade experience related to your trade operations, earnings and the choices you make while trading, it means the assets you trade in and your prevision for the future asset’s value are used only with your consent and are not divulged to any third party unless it is involved in the trading process. Magnum Options review confirms the extreme transparency of the policy adopted by the company: The holders do display all the information’s related to the company: phone numbers, email address and physical address. The company seems to be very confident about its reputation and its position in the marketplace.

Trading with Magnum Options:

Trading with Magnum Options is to create an account in first place. Magnum Options review shows several account types to subscribe for. When you want to create an account, you have to fill in the subscription form with the following data each in its specific field;

The question that may be asked by the users and the customers: Is Magnum Options Legit?

Magnum Options reviews show that the company is registered in London. Even it is not regulated; Magnum Options provide super safe platforms to trade within. The fact of being not regulated has no impact on the credibility of its system. The company has developed several account types that fit almost all the customers and proposes platforms to trade within. The different account types available to subscribe are listed in Mini Account, Standard Account, Executive Account, Gold Account and Platinum Account. Each one has its particular features.

Magnum options Mini Account Type: Magnum Options trading begins immediately as you subscribe for an account and make your first deposit. Basically and by default, you subscribe for a Mini account. This account gives you access to all the features that you may read about on the Magnum Options platform. Within this account, you don’t have to invest a big money, but you are eligible to learn ho w to trade using the Magnum Options Platforms. The Demo and Tutorials are abundant and you can access them at will. To subscribe for this account, you have to make a minimum deposit of $200.

Magnum options Standard Account Type: The standard type has the same features available at the Mini account, but it has some more bonuses to attract more users to subscribe for it. The Standard account makes you eligible to a 20% of the initial deposit as “welcome bonus”, if you deposit $1000  or more, or you may prefer to place four risk-free trades. There is a tutorial that helps you to get along with the Binary Options trading system offered by Magnum Options. The Standard account gives you access to a free trading strategy consisting in a ready model that would help you as trader to make your trading operations.

Magnum options Executive Account Type: This Account type is where you can start real trading experience. You deposit $2.500 and you gain access to more specialized tutorials and much targeted lessons to enhance the Binary Options trading. Welcome bonus is up to 30% or substituted by 6 risk free trading operations. The trading strategy number increases and you have best opportunity to make profits. This account shares the basic features of the mini account but excels both the mini and the Standard by the welcome bonus rate and the number of substitute risk free trades.

Magnum options Gold Account Type: Magnum Options review reveals a Gold account that allows you to profit from the support 24/7. The account manager assigned to the gold account holder provides help by guiding and assisting the trader in developing the best trading strategy. This account is the very good for those who need to make fast profit and access great opportunities. The minimum deposit for this account is $5.000. Withdrawal processing is very efficient; the request is answered and forwarded the same day.

Magnum options Platinum Account Type: This account gives you access to all the features Magnum Option can offer. As platinum member, there is no restriction of the access to trading strategies. Magnum options reviews indicate that this account has direct access to the account manager via phone, email or Skype for instantaneous chat. The minimum deposit for this account is $10.000. You are eligible for 100% welcome bonus that you can exchange with 10 risk-free trades.

Magnum Options Demo account:

Magnum Options Reviews declare the importance of the Magnum options demo account.. It is a great place for beginners to initiate with Magnum Binary Options platform. The design is attractive and the interface is easy to use. Users can explore the wonderful world of Magnum Binary Options without having to worry about investing money. They can discover the evolution of the system and the mechanisms of the Binary Options trading. The y can inspect the applications of strategies. The demo account is a simulated environment of the Magnum Binary Options trading where you can learn without investing. The Magnum options demo account is one perfect tools of support and training, that allows the subscribers to learn in action the basics of Magnum Binary Options and the secrets of making profits and achieving the financial success.

Magnum Binary Options: How Does it work?

Magnum Options review shows that the trading process offered by the company is not complicated. It is made easy to better anyone experience. When you register with Magnum options, you don’t have to deposit any money or type in your financial coordinates. This gives you the chance to explore the website and have an overview of the way the Magnum Binary Options are made and all this without any commitment. First you need to type your information in the online subscription form: you need to enter your Names, Your Email address, your location and your Phone number. The company is very transparent regarding its policy. You do not have to worry about any illegal use of your personal data. Magnum Options review confirms that the company employs the most secure protocols to protect your data and to stealth your activity within its platforms: your trading activities and transactions. It reserves the right to disclose these data to only the parties involved in its activity and in accordance with the policy of the company, and only by your express consent.

The website offers many platforms to trade within. You can choose to trade Binary Options, One touch, Option Builder.

Magnum Binary Options: Binary Options trading is one of the reputed ways to make fast incomes with simple actions to take. Binary options also known by Digital Options are all-or-nothing operations. Magnum Options review indicates that trading Magnum Binary Options is simple and with minimized risks. Usually, you don’t need great knowledge to start trading within Binary Options system. With the minimum knowledge about the market, you can make huge returns and win bonuses. You need to subscribe for the account that fits your situation, make the minimum deposit, then chose among the assets you can find within a proposed  list. You can opt for trading in Currencies, Commodities, forex or indices. You have to predict the evolution of the asset’s trading value at the expiry time of the trade, then you make your investment which is at least $5. Then you wait until the trade reaches the expiry time. You can always see the evolution of the asset’s trading value displayed and continuously updated. Now you need to predict the asset’s trade value at the expiry time. f you think that the asset’s trade value will go up, you press the button “Call”, otherwise you hit the button “Put” to say that the asset’s trade value will go down. If you guessed right you will be in the money and will receive the invested money and the profit determined by the profit rate at that point. If you guessed wrong then you are probably going to lose the investment you did and receive nothing. Magnum Binary Options platform gives access to more than 150 assets to trade in classified in several categories. Magnum Binary Options are available to anyone who subscribes for a trading account with Magnum Options.

Magnum One touch platform: Magnum Options reviews show that the highest success rate of the trading operations is with the One Touch Magnum Binary Options platform. This platform allows you to generate up to 500% of profit. You don’t have to predict the direction of the asset’s trade value at the expiry time; the direction and the value are already set up on the market analysis and the tendencies studies. The work is done by the Magnum Options analysts. You only have to say whether you believe the predictions they did or not. The expiry time is set to the next week from the point you made your trade. The particularity of the One touch Magnum Binary Option is that the predictions are made for at least once “true” statement, means that the prediction you are going to agree or disagree with, are made on the probability system: The prediction is “true” at least once by the expiry time. You can guarantee a minimal risk trading within this platform.

Magnum 60 Seconds platform: It’s the platform on which you can make your predictions for the next asset’s trade value by expiry time set to 60 seconds. It ensures fewer risks against the market fluctuations and can guarantee high income since you can trade more than once.

Magnum Pairs Platform: It is the platform that allows you to compare pairs of asset’s value against each other’s this operation intends to minimize the risks of loosing investments. The easy the gain is, the more you should invest to be in.

Magnum Option Builder platform:

Magnum Options Builder platform allows the traders to set up a customized trade, with custom expiry time and profit rate. Even it is available for everyone, Magnum options recommend this platform to the most experienced traders who have relevant experience within the marketplace of Binary Options and they can handle the perpetual evolution of the market.

Magnum Withdrawals:

Your first Withdrawal of each month is totally free of charges; any next withdrawal is charged $30. You have to dispose of at least $100 (or €100) in your online account to be able to request withdrawals. The withdrawal ^process is not complicated. Magnum Options review describes the withdrawal process as a very secure process to protect your privacy and your transactions. Therefore, some papers have to be scanned and emailed to the company competent department to proceed by the authentication of your identity and validation of your coordinates to ensure that no one but you is eligible to access your deposits account and withdraw funds. The papers are: Image of government issued ID paper, Document that proves your current physical address. Scanned copy of the credit card is required in case you used it to deposit money. It takes 3 business days to process the withdrawal request, and 7 days to receive the funds.

Withdrawal is handled by Credit/Debit card if you used it to deposit funds and you can’t withdraw more than the sum you initially invested.. Wire transfer is also possible; Magnum Options allow you one time/month free withdrawal. The Magnum Options have serious restrictions regarding the available payment methods.

Magnum Options Complaints:

Magnum Options reviews say that the company is not really transparent about the minimum deposits to make to create accounts. The most important to emphasis is the way the bonuses are affected or calculated. The language support is very limited, though the website contains a scroll look button displaying the current language, which English by default. Some other data are missing from the website: there is no complete information related to some platforms of trading. The payment methods are very limited and even if they offer a onetime free Credit card withdrawal/month, the fees of the next requests seems to be discouraging.

Is Magnum Option a Scam? The answer is No; Magnum Option is regulated by the CySEC protocols. As European organism, it certifies the brokers allowed to operate within the norms after confirming their honest characters. Considering the efficient responsiveness of the support team, whether by email, phone or on live chat, it is not appropriate to call the company scam. The reality is that the company is almost a new broker and it is relatively natural to have such poor interface and some bad services. But comparing the website of this broker and the competitive ones over the net, the way it is represented is ridiculous and some script problems. There is still a lot of work to do to make the website really a solid Portal for a growing business such Binary Options trade.


-The company offers a demo account that initiate new traders to the Binary Options system and the Magnum Options trading Platforms.

-The support team is very efficient and prompt to provide support with the brief delays.

-One free withdrawal each month.

-Mobile application to promote the trading experience. That would enhance the trading experience


-Limited language support: English is the only language supported by this broker. This a handicap because traders appreciate being addressed in their local languages

-Currency support limited which limits this broker from conquering new markets.

-Limited withdrawals methods which will definitely restraint the activity of the broker.


Magnum Option review shows a new and young company that tries to conquer the market of Binary Options brokers. It has several features but they are provided in fewer details which would be a restriction for its expansion. Magnum Option review reveals one other side of this company which the comprehensiveness of the support team and their availability 24/7 to provide the customers with the help they need and solves the issues. The Demo account is a very useful platform to use and profit from it as it doesn’t require any commitment but it gives extended overview on the Binary Options trading system and the Magnum Options trading platforms.

Withdrawals are very limiting as well as the fees charged on the withdrawals which seem to be very heavy.