The binary option’s trade has really grown over the past few years and with Redwood Option binary options as a trading platform just a few months in the market, has managed to get through to their niche market.  There are a number of players that got in much earlier and apparently were able to clinch a portion of the market, but above all this Redwood Options had something to offer. According to this Redwood Options review, we will see how having well defined features has contributed to a steady growth in the area of Redwood binary options trade. Numerous Redwood Options Reviews found online, have stated the fact that Redwood options has gained popularity in the binary trade option.  According this Redwood options review, we will review some of the Redwood options offered that have led to a simple and clearer insight to the growth of binary option trade and answer the question is Redwood Options legit.

Redwood Binary Options

The beauty of binary trade also known as digital trading, In the Redwood Options Review is the fact that it gives one the opportunity to gain up to 81 percent in payoff within a minute. It allows a trader make predictions on both the increase and decrease on the value of an asset and then wins.  The beauty of binary option trade is the fact that it offers more stability in the trade market.  Redwood option has enabled its client’s trade in binary options and it does not matter the level of entry of the trader, as the trade is simple and can be carried out by both the novice and the experienced. There are numerous assets that one can trade and they include Currency pairs, Stocks, Indices and commodities.

There are easy steps to be followed in order to successfully trade binary options as indicated in a number of Redwood Options Reviews.

  • Once one makes a prediction on the available assets
  • The next step is to ensure that they chose an asset they wish to trade
  • The next step is to either click on CALL or PUT at the time of expiry. The icon CALL is clicked when the value of the assets rises and PUT if the value of the asset drops.
  • When carrying out the trade there are two outcomes at the time of expiry that one is likely to expect and these are either one will receive money at the time of expiry or not.
  • If the trade expires with the money in an account, then one can make a collection of their profits.

There are a couple of advantages listed regarding Binary option in the Redwood Options Review.

  • Binary option trade has been simple and all one needs to do is determine the direction of the asset.
  • The beauty of binary option is the fact that, the business goes on round the year. This simply means that one can make profits around the year by trading Redwood Binary options.
  • One can make choices regarding the training in relation to the asset they intend to invest in, the time of expiry and the amount of money that one would want to invest.
  • Redwood binary option trading, simply displays the potential of one gaining profits.


What is Redwood Options

Redwood options, is a platform for binary trade option owned and operated by Blue Sky Solutions which is a holding company. It is based in Gibraltar and London and they offer brokerage in binary option trading. Many companies have gone before Redwood options in terms of binary options trade, but Redwoods has, however learnt from the many faults that the well to do companies in the industry have made  on their way up,  and hence avoided making the similar mistakes in the long run.  One of those mistakes that, have enabled Redwood options has learnt from and rectified, is the training Academy that most binary options trading companies have neglected. Redwood Options has revised the entire process to ensure that there is a step by step process of learning. This simply means that one has to have mastered a level before going to the next one. This ensures that a person masters their skills in Binary options trade.

Redwood Options Withdrawal

As a broker Redwood options an amazing array of services and options to binary option traders. As a one of the latest yet well to do binary option traders, According to numerous Redwood Options Review has managed to attract many clients through a well laid and designed website. To add onto the website, Redwood option has come up with some special features the available to all clients across the board. The traders are legible to three different bonuses and one makes a choice of the bonus at the time of opening the account. It is important to note that there is minimal wage requirements applied to the Redwood Options withdrawal process, when one settles for a bonus.

Redwood Options trading offers traders with several different accounts which are differentiated by the amount of money one deposits into the account. These including

  • Mini Account- this account is legible for a 30% bonus on the second deposit made into a traders account. In addition to the bonus, a trader with this account will receive daily market reviews and both a free phone and chat support from Redwood Option.
  • Standard account- With his account, one is entitled to 20% bonus with the initial deposit.
  • Executive account– In this account, one receives up to 70% bonus or additional risk free trades. In addition to what the mini account holders have, they get a dedicated Account Manager, Expedited Withdrawals, Video platform Walk-through, One personal trading strategy, Money Management Training and Portfolio structure
  • Gold account – This account receives 100% or additional risk free trades in addition to Market Reviews and breaking News, Senior account Manager, Same Day Withdrawals, Video Platform walk Through, 3 Personal Trading strategies, Money Management Training and advanced Portfolio structure.

Each of the account listed above have their own special features In terms of withdrawals.  A good example is the Gold account that allows traders to make same day withdrawals.  The executive account, on the other hands allows for expedited withdrawals. These options according to Redwood options, is suitable for people who would want to access their profits immediately hence there is no money saved in the bank. One is advised to ensure that they read through each option in order to make a decision that is informed.

Redwood Option Features

There are a number of features that make Redwood binary trade grow and stand out within a short time of existence some of which are recent and they include

Strategy Advisor

This enables a trader make decisions from three angles. This enables the traders understand the behavior of an asset and hence make the right predictions. The tool has been designed in a way that it gathers data from previous expiries through chart data and gives out recommendations in terms of CALL/ PUT. The three strategies applied by Strategy Advisor include

  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  • Moving Average
  • Bollinger Band

Ladder Option

This tool simply allows the experienced traders to make more striking points which encourages the traders to get to a higher level of trading. Through this tool, one is able to get the pre-defined value of an asset at different rates visave the previous predictions made at the time of expiry. Depending on the findings that a trader finds, he/she makes a decision on the most suitable option. This tool ensures that a person is able to maximize on binary option trade and hence make much more in terms of profits.

Forex Feature

This is one of the most recent features introduced and it has increased the opportunities for making profits for the traders. The beauty of this feature is the fact that both losses and gains are always fixed despite the depreciation affecting the currency. The time of expiry is also specified, which simply means that a trader handling Forex Trade is more relaxed. The very first step of using the Forex feature is by selecting the size value of a contract

Refer a friend

Redwood Binary Option rewards it clients with $50 of every deposit made of $ 200 by the client referred directly to their accounts. These referrals can either received through Facebook posts, Emails or any other available links. This is one step that Redwood Option has taken, to ensure that its loyal clients are generously rewarded and at the same time grow in the trade.

Follow Feature

This feature allows binary traders to follow other traders who have successfully participated in the trade. This allows the trader develop skills in terms of trading and at the same time  gain more knowledge on binary options trade and add  to what they have already acquired. All one needs to do is to simply select a successful trader and mimic them. This will eventually enable a client make profits as the tool allows one to choose the highest performers.

Redwood Options Deposit

Once one opens up an account with Redwood Options, depending on the type of account you plan to trade with.  All that one needs to do is select the currency that they intend to trade in. This is a onetime choice that one has to make. The minimum amount of money that one is allowed to deposit into the Redwood Option account is $200/£200 or 20,000 Japanese Yen. It is important to note that there is a likelihood of a person getting bonuses of up to 100%. The means through which the money is deposited, will determine the amount of money that one is likely to deposit. Wire transfer, for example, has no limit to the amount of money to be transferred while the credit card allows up to $5000 in deposits.


Each currency has its own minimum amount of withdrawal.

Redwood Platform Languages

Redwood options offer its clients with through various platforms language. The support is given in various languages including English, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish and French.

Just like any other trading platform, Redwood Options has both its pros and challenges.  There are a number of falsified redwood option scams that focus on the challenges and forgetting that a lot has been achieved. But despite some of the challenges it may be experiencing, it has managed to gain popularity with just a few months in the industry.

Redwood Option Pros

  • The traders get great support in terms of trading from the Redwood option team.
  • Redwood Options has a great customer support.
  • The returns in Redwood Option trading offer traders very high returns on their investment.
  • One does need to have a lot of money to start trading
  • It offers a trading system that is reliable

Redwood Option Complaints

  • Like any other platform, Redwood has its falls too.

One of the greatest complains according to Redwood Option Reviews is the fact that the support offered to the traders, is carried out in English. This hence becomes a disadvantage to the Non English speaking traders. This hence limits itS reach and hence lock out numerous traders.

  • Mobile App

They are yet to develop a mobile trading App. Redwood Options complaints are also based App application. Most people own mobile phones and this would encourage more people to carry out the trade at their own convenience. This would therefore contribute to Redwoods Options general market share in binary options trade.


With just a few months in binary trade options, Redwood has certainly made a great stride towards the right direction, despite the numerous redwood options scam articles online. Especially with a good step of coming up with features that are helpful to the traders, hence enabling those that do not have experience become experts within a very short time. Clients get to earn bonuses at the point of entry hence which is a great motivating factor to the traders. Redwood has a cutting edge when it comes to customer care. Through this, they have managed to maintain a satisfied clientele as they have a stable Chat and Phone system with people ready to handle any challenges and, advice where Binary trade is concerned. This simply places Redwood binary Options amongst the futures leaders in binary option trade.

Through the this review, one can certainly have their doubts cleared on is Redwood Option legit.