With just one year since it was founded, Boss Capital has set great standards in terms of binary Option by unveiling the latest technology that enables clients to trade effectively and efficiently while creating great profits through various binary options. This Boss Capital review shows one of the greatest investments made in Boss Capital options trade which has managed to get to this platform to the top of the trading league, is understanding the needs of its clients’ in regards to binary options trade. For these reason, they have succeeded in looking for ways to close the gap in the binary options industry as a platform. This has enabled this platform grow within a very short time. This review will enable us know is Boss Capital legit?

Boss Capital Binary Options

The very first thing that happens when a person joins Boss Capital Traders is the creation of an account from the Boss Capital Review. This account is then connected to a well-established market analyst and account managers. This ensures that traders make the right decision, hence maximizing on their profits.  Loyal clients will attest to the fact that they are able to trade easily. Some of the products offered by the trading company include trade indices, Currency pairs, Commodities and stocks. It has been known to offer up to 85% payout since its inception, making it one of the greatest payers in Binary option Industry.

Binary Option trade is a core business that Boss capital has invested in. Many traders have benefited with the fact that Boss Capital binary option offers a more flexible approach in trading as compared to the old trading methods. The beauty of trading binary options is the fact that one can both gain in the long term and short term. It offers one of the best ways to get pay offs within the shortest time possible. According to a number of Boss Capital reviews, this has become popular amongst traders in the world today. They are mainly straight forward and what one simply needs to do is accept or reject after which one receives a fixed payment that had been predetermined.

There are a number of assets offered for trading Binary Options and they include

  • Currency Pair EUROs, USD
  • Commodities e.g. Silver or gild
  • Indices like FTSE
  • Stocks like Google and so on.

One can choose to trade on more than one of the above listed offers.  Both the options and the trade are simple and easy to understand.

There are two main market movements of financial binary option provided by Boss Capital. They all depend on the on the trade instrument. These instruments include;

  • Boundary ; in this case one can decide to have the price of the asset remain either in the range or not
  • High/Low Instrument; These decides if an instrument with either go up or go down
  • One Touch Instrument; In this case one can decide whether the price of the asset will be affected by the market.

At the time of expiration of the contract a trader is considered to have succeeded when the asset price was moving towards the right direction as it had been anticipated.  At this point one is assured of getting a fixed return on the investment amount.  This is considered as a profitable binary option Trade.

Boss Capital Features

There are two main of special features that Boss Capital has in place to enable traders make the right decision on binary trading options.

  • Past binary trade records

Through background information, one is able to track how well assets were traded in the past. This is represented through graphs and it is therefore very easy for one to interpret.

  • Traded Options or early closure

This feature, allows traders to be in control of their trade. This is made possible as the traders are able to close at the positions before the expiration period hence minimizing any risk and hence protect their profits.

There are number of strategies that Boss capital binary options has focused on to improve its service delivery and they include ;

  • Efficiency and more gain

This has been enabled by the company making the trading process easy and proving more binary trading options for the clients. There are 200 available assets to trade on According to one of Boss Capital review. This has enabled the company; expand in terms of its asset index. Its main aim is to ensure that every transaction made is geared towards ensuring that Binary Option is a profitable venture for every client that trades from which ever level.

  • Professionalism

90 percent of the employees are professionals in Forex trade, Risk Management, derivatives, International legislations, law and Payment processing. This means that from the moment one sets up an account with the trading company, they are in good hands, hence enabling a client maximize on their profits, and at the same time make informed decisions in regards to making an investment decision.

  • Training traders

One of the greatest investments that Boss Capital binary option makes is by empowering its members. There are numerous materials that are used for training including video educational resources, an advanced e-book on binary options. They also offer reviews on daily basis, weekly basis and Monthly basis.  With a customer care support that is in operation, 24 hours a day. The clients’ needs are met and any queries settled in order to facilitate smooth trading.

  • Diversity

Boss Capital offers an opportunity for clients to trade at any particular level.  It also offers support in eight different languages, making it more available to a larger market.

Through the above well set strategies, it has managed to maintain a steady growth within their first year and establish for itself a great market share in the binary option trading industry.

Boss Capital withdrawal


With a well laid Boss Capital Withdrawal system that enables traders to easily withdraw their cash. A good example is the fact that there are fewer barriers to transferring funds as compared to the other players in the same industry.  There are a number of ways through which one can withdraw using both visa and MasterCard credit cards, one can also opt to use wire transfer. Boss Capital binary option trade also allows the use of e wallet as a withdrawal method and the two ways through which Boss Capital Withdrawal platform is utilized is either Moneybookers or Cash U. It is important to note that when a person chooses any mentioned methods above, verification must be carried out this also applies when carrying out deposits. This is one of the measures that the platform has taken in order to guarantee the security of its client’s cash.

To make the withdrawal efficient and effective, Boss Capital has created several account packages to meet the needs of their clients. There is no limit for withdrawal in these accounts. These accounts are listed in the Boss Capital Review as

  • The standard Account

This account offers one with the opportunity to carry out at least one withdrawal per month with no fee. Any withdrawal made after the first withdrawal one will have to pay $30 which is a bank service charge.

  • Executive Account

This offers one withdrawal in a calendar month and in case of any additional withdrawals one will have to pay $30.

  • Gold Account

This account allows for withdrawals carried out on the same day.

  • Platinum Account

With this account there are no charges when carrying out withdrawals on the same day.

  • VIP

It has the same features as the Platinum account.

This simply means that how fast one wants to get their money, will be determined the account package they settle for. Boss Capital offers   traders with a safe, secured yet a very easy way to carry out transactions.

Boss Capital Trading

Once you have the above mention information, the next step is to start Boss Capital trading.  The very first step is to open an account with Boss Capital. One does not need to make any deposits in order to have an account. It is important to ensure one follows the right instructions. One will therefore visit the home page and click on Open an account and fill in the details as required.  There after an email with a link will be sent to a client’s email account, where they will be requested to verify it by clicking on the link sent. Any information given when carrying out the account opening process is handled with a high level of confidence.  After verification, one has their account.

The next step of trading is depositing funds into the account. These funds will be used to set a price on the asset that you are eyeing. There are numerous methods through which one can get funds into their accounts. These include, Wire transfer, one can choose the online electronic transfer and Credits cards to transfer funds into their individual accounts. There are no set standard currencies for sending the funds. One can deposits in any of the following currencies, USD, EUR, CAN, JAPY, GBP, RUB and AUD. With funds in the account, one is ready to trade.

Boss Capital Offers a number of options to trade from through which one can select an asset that they would want to trade. Each option/Instrument has its own specific instruction

The Call/Put instrument

In this instrument, one clicks on call when the price seems promising and if it is above the current level. In a case where the price is below the asset price, then one clicks on Put.

Touch Instrument type

This allows you to study the market and its effect on the price. In a case the market price touches the price before expiration, then click on touch. In case you think the market may not touch the market price before the time of expiry

Boundary instrument

With this instrument, one is supposed to click on IN when there is a likelihood of the time expiring with the lower and upper price that one targets. And select OUT when the market price is likely to close outside both the lower and upper price target at the time of expiry.

Short term Instrument

If one thinks that the price will be above the target price, then one is required to CALL and if the price is likely to fall below the current price then one clicks on PUT.

After this happens one is therefore required to select the most preferred asset for trade of choice and simply invest the amount of trade then finally click on BUY.

Boss capital app

In terms of technology, has invested in an App. The Boss capital app has been well designed to meet the needs of traders and hence make the trading process of Boss Capital binary options for USA traders much easier. The application also offers simple and easy steps to follow in order to get to know the exact position of an asset and at the same time enable a client know the current market trends in terms of Binary Option Trade.

There are several available applications that have been set up for smart phone users. This enables them know exactly what goes on in Boss Capital binary Options trade market.  Traders are able to know the changes that may take place and therefore make informed decision regarding their investments. To acquire the app, one simply downloads it to their phone which is only applicable to both Android phone users and Iphone users. There are a number of benefits that the app has including

  • The app enables one make decisions e.g. by either selecting PUT of CALL depending on the position of the investment.
  • One is able to trade Binary Options in five minutes in free time.
  • As longs as the app is on your phone, one can proceed with the trade from just about anywhere. This gives one control over their investments.

Boss Capital Pros

There are numerous advantages that one can read from various Boss Capital reviews that have been written.

  • Their list of assets is well listed and anything that is unnecessary is kept off from the list hence making the trading process very simple.
  • The Binary option trade system interface has simply been made to meet the needs of binary option traders. One can simply select the instrument of trade of their choice with a click and the results generated within the shortest time possible.
  • All the accounts offered by the platform offer clients with bonuses which can go up to 100%.
  • One can join t as armatures and end up as experts as a result of the educational materials being offered.

Boss Capital Challenges

There are no noted Boss Capital complaints noted. Through the numerous Boss Capital boss reviews written online

Boss Capital must have a done a great research on Binary trading options according to Boss Capital Review. They came up with options that are tailor made for Boss Capital Binary options Traders. They have very flexible deposit and withdrawal systems that are secure hence cancelling any Boss Capital Complaints.  This has ensures a great growth of Boss Capital binary options trade within a very short time. This Boss Capital Review should be able to clear many traders doubts of is Boss Capital Legit.